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Taylor Love Carwash. Virginia Photographer

Count your blessings today and hug your babies extra tight! I just got this flyer by email from our moms group…I don’t know the family but my heart goes out to them. If your in the area on the 18th…stop by! Everyone needs a clean car and it’s even better when it supports an amazing cause.

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Best Clients Ever!- Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC Photographer

Logged into my LinkedIn acct today…it’s been awhile and reread what some of my clients have said about me, wow!!! I’m so blessed!!! :)


“Bonnie is a gifted photographer. She is creatve, great with kids (to me just that is a talend, not eveyrone can do that), stays in tune with the client during the sessions. We always felt that connection was there duruing our sessions. Her pictures of my kids and family are gorgeous. I will continue to use her services in a future and recommend her to all of my friends.”

“Bonnie photographed my husband and I during my pregnancy and the pctures turned out beautifully. We were so pleased with the results and so happy to have those memories captured. I look forward to workng with Bonnie again in the future now that are son is here. I would highly recommend Bonnie’s photographic services.”

“Bonnie’s work speaks for itself. As an artist, I am very particular about photography only because I live and breathe aesthetics, composition, creativity/individuality and beauty. I’m most impressed that Bonnie is a self-taught photographer. Those with a natural talent always shine above the rest – that alongside her professionalism and sweet nature make a complete package. I will always go to Bonnie for my photography needs and I’m looking forward to hiring her again someday. Her work is worth the investment!”

“Bonnie Horseman is a detail-oriented photographer. Meaning, he has the ability to capture moments intimate or not, not like my wife and I have ever seen. She is extremely personable, very easy to work and her results are outstanding. (You should see our house!) When you hire Bonnie, you will not be disappointed!”

“I hired Bonnie to photograph my children as a Christmas gift for my wife. Bonnie turned the photo shoot into a fun “play date” for the kids. They had a blast and the pictures turned out phenomenal. Bonnie chose some settings and postures (i.e. just their feet dangling from a bench) that were really cool. The end product was delivered on time, in budget, etc.”

“Bonnie is a one of a kind photographer. She takes the time to talk with you, making you comfortable, for those absolute gorgeous pictures. When I had a strange request on bringing a prop (2 pet snakes) she was very open minded and said bring it on. It was a first for her studio, but will not be the last if I have anything to do with it! I get nothing but “WOW” when I show friends and family.”

“Bonnie is not just a great photographer she is a creative photographer! Bonnie does not just take a great picture she captures your character! Call Bonnie to begin collecting memories of your own “life story”. The exhilaration of your pregnancy, the growth of your new born, family portraits, graduation pictures and even professional work shots; Bonnie has amazed me in every field. Speaking from experience if you have had your pictures taken in the past and were not happy as you feel you looked stiff or uncomfortable you will be thrilled with your results from Bonnie. I highly recommend Bonnie!”

“Bonnie has innate qualities that allow her to capture the moment with a photograph. She is also great to work with and makes sessions effortless.”

“I chose Bonnie Horseman Photography because of the excellent portfolio she has. I wanted a family photograph that didn’t look like the typical, boring studio photo. Her use of black and white and colors really attracted me. My family and I were very happy with our photos!”

“We asked Bonnie to take some pictures of our daughters. I was impressed with how well she worked with our kids during the sitting, and the end photos look incredible. Several other friends have used her with similar delight. Bonnie is truly gifted at capturing moments that will last a lifetime!”

“I hired Bonnie to photograph my son. He was 14 months at the time. She was very professional and personable. The results were amazing. I have recommended her to many of my friends and can’t wait to go back. Her work is amazing and is hung all over my house.”

“Bonnie is an incredible photographer. Her product speaks for itself. What I admire most about her is her temperament and her willingness to go the extra mile to accommodate her clients, especially when ‘they’ don’t want to cooperate. She is very patient and adores children. Our son loves her, rightfully so, and so do we! Being a mother herself, she has a natural connection with children of all ages and it comes through in all of her images. We have her on speed dial; and will be contacting her very soon to shoot baby #2!”

“We reviewed a lot of photographers for our newborn photo shoot and kept coming back to Bonnie’s pages and her work. We were not disappointed – the results are highly praiseworthy and when people see them they know they aren’t your run of the mill studio’s work. We still have 2 more sittings paid for with her and as soon as we find time we’ll be there. Picture people and sears are fine for some things, but for truly professional, beautiful and timeless art, hire Bonnie. She knows how to capture the essence of these infants (even at 10 days old!) not department store studio prices, but worth every penny.”

“Bonnie takes some of the best pictures of children that I’ve ever seen. She quickly develops a rapport with your child and takes pictures that allow their personalities to shine. She is great to work with and the kids love her. She is an amazing photographer!”

“My wife and I hired Bonnie to photograph our 6 month old and family. Her work is truly amazing, we are always getting compliments about how great her work is- She did an amazing job for us an we would strongly recommend using her in the future. The pictures she captured were awesome and she made the whole experience a good time for the three of us.”

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