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So it’s been a really busy….really crazy last few weeks for me!  Selling our house and moving…!!!  Can I just say how much I can’t stand MOVING.  WOW.  It’s like having a baby…you tend to forget how painful it can be!!!  The packing and unpacking…the mess.  The stuff you haven’t used in 4 years yet never throw away and then you have to find another spot for it because you didn’t throw it out yet again!!  I think I’ve got pretty much everything unpacked.  Just working on the last few studio items but everything should be up and running by friday!  Orders are shipping out and proofs are getting returned!   

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Just a few from recent sessions….!  I’m playing catch up!



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I wasn’t able to post about Vegas with all the problems I was having.  Seem like everything is back in order now.  
Vegas was great!!  It really is the city you DON’T sleep in!  It was worth it though…I got to meet and see some photographers that I have admired and looked up to for a long time.  I also got to meet some friends in the business that I had never met and that was soooo much fun!  I stayed at Paris and loved it… it you haven’t been, when you go you MUST just walk the strip and go into all the hotels.  They are all so amazing and soooo different!  I can’t wait to go back when I don’t have as much work stuff to attend to, as much as I loved everything photography related there it left little time for much else….I haven’t even had to chance to look at a lot of the photos I took but I’m adding a few here…I hope to get more up soon!  
oh and an FYI: DON’T FLY DURING SPRING BREAK.  I’ve never done that and wow.  It was so bad!  My 6 hour trip to Vegas took 31 hours and included a night at the Charlotte airport.  I won’t post the details because I’m still recovering!!! :)

BWI airport 

Of course…my shoes in Vegas!  A friend told me I should start a blog from the perspective of my shoes! :)  This is my new fav pair in a hallway in the Paris Las Vegas! 



Vegas airport…very different from our “hills” in VA! 

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Here we go again!

Thats right….can you find whats missing?  EVERYTHING from the blog!  This hasn’t been a smooth past few weeks!  Where to start…. oh yes!  I headed to Vegas for the amazing WPPI event and ended spending 31 hours in and out of airports trying to get there!  Never fly during spring break!  Finally made it and had a WONDERFUL time!!  A few days after I got home I came down with strep.  Yikes!  I don’t think I have ever been that sick…really.  bad bad bad!  Just when I start feeling well enough to return some voicemails, my iphone eats them!  Yep, 23 voicemails just vanished!  Then my .net site stops working and the best I can get from my hosting company is we have too many clients and hope to get it fixed within the week!  WOW!  So here we are!!  With a new hosting company and everything was moved over just fine but the blog!  Thats ok….we will just start over! :) I’m back in the studio, healthy and returning voicemails!  Have a great day!!! 

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