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A personal update…

I can’t use this as an excuse for not blogging because I never blog on a normal basis but it hasn’t helped.  I’ve talked to many of my great clients in person, by email or facebook and I can’t thank you all for the support and understanding that I’ve gotten if something due to you as been delayed lately.

Our sweet little boy has been very sick with a blood/immune disorder.  I hate even typing that…that’s why I have waited so long to post this but people are starting to question if I’ve stopped working.  I have not.  I won’t but I am playing catch up right now as life (we hope) returns to normal some.

I don’t want to give a ton of details here but I have created a personal blog that I’m sharing if you want to keep up to date on us and Mavy man.  Thank you all again for understanding if I’m delayed with getting back to you.

Maverick at 3.5 months <3

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10 day old newborn: Northern Virginia Leesburg Newborn Photographer

and he is all MINE!!!  Can you believe that I’m still working my way through his newborn photos…yikes!!  I’m getting ready to take his 4 month.  I better get moving.  I need about 10 more hours in each day :)

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A little bit of heaven! Northern Virginia photographer

First time posting from my iPhone to the blog. Hope this works!!

My husband and I decided that after working, working, having baby #4 and then working some more…that it was time for a little getaway.
We had an awesome weekend skiing in Vail, Co. As we were heading back down the mountain towards the airport at 5am we were lucky enough to watch the sun come up over the mountains. Amazing…! Here are some pics. From my iPhone!




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My stunning brace face! Brambleton Virginia Childrens Photographer

My oldest who is turning 10 later this year had to have a lovely expander and braces already!  When it was time, I knew just who we would call!  Dr.  Casagrande! Not only does he have one amazing, stunning and sweet family, his office and staff are just the same!  I remember always hating the dentist or ortho office trips because the place was BORING…not anymore!  Dr. Casagrande being a dad himself has made the office and everything about it AMAZING!  Check out his site for a tour :)

One of the things that makes the office more pleasing to the eyes is that  there is NO CRAPPY stock photography!!!  woohoo!!  Dr. Casagrande using his own patients as models!  Last month he asked for a few of Mahala :)  Of course I said yes!

It’s funny…I still see her as a 7 pound 2 oz peanut with shocking blue eyes but she’s really a big girl now.  I just wanna hug her and never let go!


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Fitness Trainer: Virginia photographer

I just wanted to pass along a great fitness trainer. Omi is AMAZING.  She trained me after my second daughter was born and I was in the best shape of my life and FELT amazing.  Not only does she train you in the gym but in the kitchen with your meals as well.  She can come to your home or meet you in the gym.  She’s the full package.
If you don’t believe me…take a look at her site.
6 months after her baby was born she tried out and became a Redskins cheerleader!!  Now her second baby is 9 months old and she’s running for Mrs. Virginia!  She knows her stuff!:) 

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